To encourage the growth of knowledge and the development of a greater appreciation of both surface and subsurface environments, Meramec Caverns offers special educational programs for children of all ages.

Your students are invited to explore Missouri geology, speleology, and history through our Underground Adventures program. The program includes an eighty-minute tour of the caverns led by a trained guide and a FREE mini-workshop (*list of workshops below) instructed in our underground classroom.

Bats (K-4th)
Learn about the fascinating creatures through instruction and a habitat game.

Rocks & Minerals (3rd-6th)
Perform identification tests on Ignenous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks while discussing the Rock Cycle.

Fossils (3rd-6th)
Create a fossil imprint and discuss their importance in the earth's history.

Hydrology (7th-12th)
Discover the Water Cycle and experiment how porosity and permeability effects the water table.

Topograghy (7th-12th)
Learn how topographic maps are created and how to read them

Underground Adventure programs are available to school groups (public, private, and home-based), and Boy Scouts groups of 15 or more.

Availability: Monday-Friday, September - May

Cost: Groups of 15+ (per student/adult)
Children, age 5-11$10.00
Middle School$11.00
High School$14.00

One complimentary pass will be given for every 20 tickets purchased.


Designed for Boy Scouts of all "ranks", Meramec Caverns offers Geology Scouting Programs for groups of 15 or more. Through active participation in both workshops and a cavern tour, scouts will fulfill all necessary requirements for earning designated badges/pins. Programs include: viewing an Introduction to Speleology DVD, an 80-minute guided tour of the caverns, and one or more of the following instructional workshops: Bats, Rocks & Minerals, Fossils, Topography, Hydrology, Surface Tour.

*Certified Scouting Counselor on Site.

Webelos/Cub Scouts: Geology Activity Pin/Badge
Scouts: Geology Merit Badge

Cost: Groups of 15+ (per scout)
Webelos/Cub Scouts$14.00
Scout Adults$18.00

Availability: Saturdays Only, September - May: 9:00am - 1:30pm

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For more information or to schedule educational classes at Meramec Caverns, please contact our staff by calling 573-468-CAVE.