Employment Opportunities

Looking for a fun and fascinating job?

Cave Guides must be at least 16 years old. Cave guides take turns conducting 1 hour, 20 minute tours of the cave throughout the day. The best guides are out-going, personable and have a good deal of common sense. When a Guide is with a tour group he or she must be "in charge", making sure everyone in the group enjoys their visit to Meramec Caverns. The two most important points the Guide must keep in mind at all times are the SAFETY of the group and the CONSERVATION of the cave itself!

Employees at Meramec Caverns are expected to help out as needed in the cave's gift shop. Duties in the gift shop may include being a cashier, selling tour tickets, straightening and dusting merchandise in the store, re-stocking shelves, etc.

Other positions at Meramec Caverns include operating/supervising the Mining Sluice. Employees will need to be able to make change when they sell Mining bags and assist customers who need help using the sluice. Employees working at the sluice must be at least 16 years old.

Meramec Caverns offers competitive wages and bonuses for well-qualified individuals!

If you would like to earn MONEY and have FUN, please visit us during normal business hours for an application and to seek information on available positions.

Meramec Caverns is an equal opportunity employer.